Tuesday, 8 October 2013

I made it.

Hello my lovely readers,

So, it's been 6 days.

Almost one week since I arrived back home on Australian soil, and honestly, I am so glad to be home. Don't get me wrong, I had a bloody brilliant time overseas, especially the last 3 months of my trip, but there's nothing better, no matter how badly you wanted to leave in the first place, than being home.

I severely missed my extended family like my grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and most importantly my friends. Who, I must admit, I have yet to see, but this jet lag thing is knocking me all over the place, I'm afraid if I see my friends I might fall asleep half way through a conversation. But, there are plans to meet, eat and chat over the course of the next couple of days and I am super excited to see them all!

Anyway, since my last post I've finished up in Liverpool (which I could have stayed forever because I love it there and not just because of the football) the rents, brother and I went further down south, quickly through South Wales and then down to Devon and Cornwall.. besides their freakishly tiny two way roads (they are more like a footpath), it was overly lovely. Cute thatched cottages, Devonshire teas (YUM) and lots and lots of sheep.

We visited the coolest town ever, whilst on our trip down south, it is called Clovelly and is one of the world's best known (apparently) yet, unspoilt villages. It's privately owned so there are no cars allowed - although there is no way in hell a car would be able to get to the bottom and then back up, as it is pretty much a steep, single laneish, cobbled street. But oh boy, the views were amazing the whole walk down and despite the fact I almost died from the effort it took to trek back up the hill, it was most definitely worth it. So, if you're ever down that way, go check it out!

My highlight of my last week in England was most definitely Tintagel Castle and below it 'Merlin's Cave'. Tintagel Castle is a medieval fortification located in Cornwall. The castle itself has been linked to Arthurian legends with a mysterious yet magical cave underneath, which by local legend belonged to Merlin, strengthening the Arthurian and Merlin legends.

However, even without these legends in the back of my mind, the sheer amazement of this site is beyond words. The castle is pretty much located on the edge of a cliff face with parts of it, over the hundreds of years since it's construction, falling into the sea below. Now, to get to the castle, and to the caves below, requires using your legs and walking. You have to walk down freakishly steep steps downward, across a bridge and then back up (if you're going to the castle, but further down for the caves) some more freakishly steep steps until you've reached your destination.

It's just one of those places in the world that just takes your breath away for just simply being beautiful.

Then after the rest of the week, Tuesday came. The day we were leaving. The day I was going home after being away for almost 6 1/2 months! We went to Oxford during the day and found the house one of my grandad's lived in as a kid before he hopped on a boat to Australia. It was still there. Over 60 years on and the house he lived in as a little boy is still around. That was cool.

After Oxford we headed for Heathrow. We spent roughly 4 hours (which actually went pretty quickly) and then boarded the plane. Via Dubai and Bangkok we made it into Sydney at 7:40 on Thursday morning. But that wasn't it. You see, I don't live in Sydney. I live an hour's north, by car. So, we were in for about a 1 1/2 hour train trip before we were actually home, yeah, I was dead by that point.

But now, I'M HOME!

I've already begun applying for some jobs because I really, really don't want to go back to my old job, and I have begun my 'get fit' program.. which is really just me going to the gym whenever I can get off my lazy butt. So, here's to being home and to my new adventure on Aussie soil!

Have a lovely day wherever you are in this beautiful world!

Becky xx