Sunday, 2 June 2013

Hola from Santiago de Compostela!

Hola mis amores, 

Mientras escribo esto a ustedes que estoy sentado en la hermosa Santiago de Compostela en le increíble país de España! 

For those of you who don't speak Spanish here's a quick translation: 

Hello my loves, 

As I type this to you I am sitting in beautiful Santiago de Compostela in the incredible country of Spain! 

I arrived here yesterday morning with my aunty after a shockingly early 3:45am start and a stressful time at the airport (almost not being let on the plane because the lady didn't Visa stamp my boarding pass) and won't be leaving until Monday mid day! Our reason behind the trip, besides a spontaneous weekend away to Spain, was to meet up with our friend who had just completed a 6 week Pilgrimage walk across Spain! With no one meeting her at the end we decided to be there for her and help her enjoy a few relaxing days in this beautiful small town! 


Hundreds of thousands of people complete this walk each year and each do so for completely different reasons. Some for religious reasons, some for personal reasons, some for a challenge but what ever the reason it is a tremendous achievement for all who are involved and it's making me want to give it a try next year! The finish line is a beautiful small town called Santiago de Compostela in the North West of Spain! 

It has been such an uplifting experience seeing the complete look of achievement and accomplishment  and pure joy on all the people's faces who have completed the walk! It is such an inspiring thing to do, going 6 weeks with an incredible amount of blisters on your feet, wearing dirty clothes for days at a time, dealing with injury, illness and being away from all you love and know. It would be an extremely difficult thing to do but I'm sure once you've made it to the finish line you're glad you've done it. 


Today I met several of the people my aunts and my friend travelled with and the sheer excitement on her face when seeing them tells me that they'll be friends for life. It's such an emotional journey for all involved and your perception on yourself and the world changes each day you walk! 

Moving on from a serious note, coming to Spain is the first time I've been in a non English speaking country and it's quite strange and bizarre! I've been so sheltered in my life and never exposed to life beyond the English language! Although it is quite nerve wracking at points not knowing what people are saying to me but it's an experience of a lifetime that some people may never have! I am so humbled to have been given this experience, of giving my self this experience! 


If I never made the final decision to pack my bags and go to the UK I would not be sitting here in Spain right now, I would never have thought it possible! So for me, such a simple thing of hopping on a plane and visiting somewhere new and exciting is what is making my life so perfect right now! I am absolutely loving the time I am having and I can't wait to experience more of Europe! 

Oh and by the way, I'm seriously contemplating staying in the UK for longer than the "6 months"! Now I just have to tell my mum this which may not end so well! 

Here are some more photos of my last couple of days here in Santiago de Compostela in Spain! 

Have a lovely day! 

Becky xx