Friday, 22 March 2013

Hello England!

Hello my loves,

So today I am writing from the beautiful but extremely cold England! I arrived here on Wednesday the 20th at 8:00pm and have already had the most incredible time! Thursday was spent in London experiencing Oxford Street and its abundance of amazing shops that make you want to spend all your money, yesterday was spent wandering around Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds and today I went to Roundhay Park which is also in Leeds!

In London the original plan was to visit the Tower of London and do some touristy things but the Tube was having major delays and we couldn't be bothered waiting. So quite literally we went onto the platform, ate the breakfast we bought and left again! If people were watching us they would quite literally think we just went on the Tube platform to eat breakfast!

So then we decided to catch a bus to Oxford Street and spent the day shopping in all the stores that I've been frothing over online for months and months and months! I bought some dresses, a blouse and a knitted jumper and I love them all (I'll post some pictures soon)! For lunch we visited Bella Italia which was very cosy and the food was delicious! Our train to Leeds was at 9:35pm and once we hopped on, didn't arrive in lovely chilly little Leeds until just after midnight.

Yesterday is began snowing in Leeds and I was so excited because it was the first time I had seen and been in snow in my life. It is still a novelty to me and it's fun and makes everything look 10x more beautiful! We visited Kirkstall Abbey and with the snow it was just so majestic and incredible!

Last night I went to Salvo's Italian Restaurant I'm Leeds with my aunty and her two friends Jess and Tara. My aunty and Jess are both Australian like myself and Tara is Canadian and is so hilarious! It was a lovely night!

Today the snow was even thicker so we decided to visit Roundhay Park and have some fun in the snow! I attempted to build a snowman.. although it was pretty crappy compared to the skill level of actual English folk who have lived here their whole lives! It was freezing but so beautiful and fun! It was such a unique experience and something I will never forget!

Tonight I'm making homemade chocolate chip hot cross buns and are going to have a movie night in because of the snow outside!

I've had an amazing last few days and I am so excited to see what happens over the next 6 months. This is a one in a life time experience and I'm so incredible lucky to be here!

I'll keep you posted :)

Becky xx