Thursday, 21 February 2013

Visa Accepted!

Hello my loves,

It's a bit on an excited update today!

6 weeks ago I booked my flights to and from the UK and my countdown began! But I've been living with a little secret! I've been living with the possibility that I wouldn't be allowed onto the plane or into the country. You see, it was only 2 weeks ago that I applied for my visa... and I applied for an Ancestral Visa which apparently takes 'longer than a normal visa'.. well according to the lady at the Biometrics Building in Sydney! Now it wouldn't have been an issue, if at the time it wasn't only 6 weeks until my departure date with more stress placed upon me as I researched Visa Application approval times on the UK Border Agency website with 3 months being the most common time for people's Ancestral Visa's to be approved.. well, I obviously didn't have that much time.

SO, you could understand my excitement, joy and relief as I received an email today from the Application Centre in Manila that my visa 'will be dispatched shortly' and that everything is being posted back to me as we speak. IT ONLY TOOK TWO WEEKS! Who ever was looking over my application and approved it this quickly, I love you!

So with my visa all sorted and on its lovely little way to my hands the only thing I have left to do is send away the information needed to open up my own bank account in the UK so that if I work, I'll have some place for my money to go.. legally!

It's now getting down to the nitty gritty end of my countdown. I have to start going through my things and choosing what I can and need to take! I have a 30kg weight limit which is awesome because that's more than most airlines allow but that also means that I'm probably going to end up with the heaviest bag and it's going to be a pain dragging it around the airports.

If any of you live in England, what do you suggest I bring? I'm getting so excited I just want to spend all my money on clothes but I figured I'd end up buying clothes once I'm over there so I 'fit' in with the latest UK trends?! So any suggestions? Should I buy some here in Australia and then just go crazy at the shops in England? AND what other little trinkets should I bring over?

Also, I'm staying in London for the first couple of days as soon as I arrive. Are there any must see places that I must see before I travel up to Leeds?!

I can not wait until I'm over there! I can't wait to start posting about what I'll be doing and seeing and ahhh so much excitement!

Hope you've enjoyed this little excited rant and with the coming weeks you'll get to see what I end up putting in my suitcase! :)

Have a lovely day (or night like it is for me) and keep on smiling! :)

Becky xx


  1. Definitely come visit me in Liverpool! :) bring layers, it can get a bit chilly in some bits of the country and a brolly (umbrella), we're famous for our rain! Haha
    I'd say don't pack your suitcase completely full cause you might wanna buy some stuff here!


    1. I sure will, I can't wait to visit Liverpool! :)
      Thank you so much, I'll try my hardest not to spend all my money on clothes before I even get there haha!
      Haha I'll make sure there is plenty of room for an umbrella :)

      Thank you :)

      Becky xx

  2. Lovely blog! I'm a new follower :)

    Kimberley x


    1. Thank you so much! I love your blog - followed :)

      Have a lovely day!

      Becky xx

  3. I live in England, and would definetely say to bring layers! around this time of year it's usually wind/rain/cloud weather.. basically quite dull! it only gets warm around april/may time haha! Hope you have fun over here:) nice blog too!


  4. Thank you! I don't think I have enough layers packed so I'll have to fix that before I go :)
    And thankfully I'll still be over there when it warms up :) Love your blog :) xx

    Have a lovely day!:)

    Becky xx